Content Management Systems are web-based applications used to manage the content of your website.

The software provides tools to allow users to edit their content at any time of day, and with no programming skills necessary. If you can operate Microsoft Word, chances are you can edit your own website with the CMS.

The user is presented with a suite of tools similar to what you'd find in any word processing program. Editing your website is as easy as that!

Some of the functions available:

  • :: Easily embed Youtube or other videos
  • :: Edit text fonts, styles, colours and sizes
  • :: Add photo albums, galleries and forms
  • :: Upload and insert images to your site
  • :: Modify the HTML directly

All of your content stays within the editable area of your design. Click Submit and your website is updated instantly.

The interface is easy to understand and your editable area is restricted so you don't have to worry about accidentally changing the site's layout.

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